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Idaho Falls sex offender on the run arrested in Arizona

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IDHAO FALLS — Authorities in Arizona have arrested an Idaho Falls sex offender who failed to show up for several jury trials regarding new sex abuse charges.

Deon Waynewood, 41, was booked into a Maricopa County, Arizona jail Friday after investigators got a tip he was in the Mesa Arizona area. Court records show Waynewood is scheduled for a fugitive from justice hearing on Oct. 27 in Arizona. He is being held in the Arizona jail on a $1,525,000 bond, according to Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office records.

Waynewood had been on the run since he failed to show up to his June jury trial. The US Marshal’s office arrested Waynewood in Colorado shortly after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Despite a warrant holding no bail in Idaho, a Colorado court set bail at $10,000 that Waynewood posted shortly after.

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After posting bail in Colorado, Waynewood didn’t show up to a rescheduled jury trial. District Judge Dane Watkins Jr. signed a $750,000 bond bench warrant. Despite already having active warrants for his arrest, the new warrant demands Waynewood be brought back to Idaho Falls.

Waynewood’s alleged crime occurred in 2019. Investigators alleged Waynewood sexually assaulted a young teenage victim between 10 and 100 times, according to an affidavit of probable cause. Waynewood was charged with multiple counts of lewd conduct and sexual battery, and a judge set his bail at $500,000.

Waynewood asked a judge to reduce his bail several times with Bonneville County prosecutors objecting every time. After a hearing in March 2020, Watkins reduced bail to $150,000 which Waynewood posted. Waynewood had been in custody for nearly a year at the time he posted bond.

Prosecutors’ latest concerns with Waynewood were raised in May when they asked Watkins to revoke his bond. According to court documents obtained by, Waynewood showed up at the Bonneville County Prosecutor’s Office on May 6 while prosecutors were meeting with the victim in preparation for a scheduled May 10 trial. There was a no-contact order already in place, preventing Waynewood from coming in contact with the girl.

“Waynewood was addressed by another prosecutor who explained that he could not be there and that if he had anything he needed to address, he needed to do so through his counsel,” the motion reads. “Waynewood argued the point for several minutes refusing to leave.”

While Waynewood argued with prosecutors, the victim had to be kept in a back office. Once Waynewood finally left, the Idaho Falls Police Department escorted the victim home.

“Prosecutors later learned from a witness that Waynewood had seen the victim’s vehicle parked in front of the office before he entered,” the motion to revoke bond reads. “The No Contact Order issued by the court against the defendant on July 22, 2019, prohibited him from stalking the victim or remaining within 900 feet of her. It appears that Waynewood has violated both of these provisions.”

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Watkins revoked Waynewood’s bond on June 1. The Idaho Falls Police Department put the word out on their manhunt and Deputy Marshals located him on June 4 in Colorado. Waynewood was arrested in the same county he was convicted of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust in 2000.

Waynewood’s criminal history in Bonneville County is extensive. In 2016 he violated a no-contact order. In 2015 he was convicted of enticement of children and unlawful access to schoolchildren, all misdemeanors. As part of his probation, he was supposed to have no contact with minors, according to court documents.

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Through Waynewood’s legal case is in Idaho, he has claimed he belongs to The Moorish sovereign citizen movement and should not be charged under Idaho laws.