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Man pleads guilty to felony stalking and voyeurism

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IDAHO FALLS – A local man pleaded guilty after being charged with felony first-degree stalking in June and felony voyeurism in July.

Alexus Mojica, 25, was arraigned in district court Tuesday after a plea agreement was reached, where Mojica agreed to plea guilty to stalking and video voyeurism, if the charges of misdemeanor using a telephone to intimidate or harass and a misdemeanor no-contact order violation were dropped.

The plea agreement also stated that Mojica, “agrees to apply to a problem-solving court in good faith.” If accepted, probation will be recommended on the “special condition that (Mojica) successfully complete the problem-solving court.”

Mojica was charged with felony stalking and issued a no-contact order after he allegedly forced his way into a woman’s home and broke into her car on June 9.

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The victim contacted police on June 14 and told them that Mojica had been violating the order every day since it was issued.

Police were also informed Mojica had held the victim against her will earlier this year. They said he sent pictures of himself and the victim having sex to the victim’s friend after the friend refused to have sex with him.

Police were also told that Mojica had stolen the victim’s Ring doorbell from her house.

Mojica was then charged with felony video voyeurism on June 30, after police said Mojica had circulated multiple videos of women engaging in sexual activity with him.

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For the voyeurism charge, the probable cause affidavit was sealed at the request of the Bonneville County Prosecutor’s Office, providing little detail to the public.

According to the criminal complaint, the victims of video voyeurism are the same two victims who called the police to report that Mojica had allegedly been stalking one of them in June after a no-contact order was issued.

Mojica is scheduled for sentencing on Sept. 21. If the plea agreement is not accepted, Mojica could face up to six years in prison and fines.