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‘That is everyone’s favorite ranch.’ Dressing coming back with new twist after being gone for a year

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ST. ANTHONY — A favorite ranch dressing staple in the community that’s been gone from retail shelves for nearly a year is returning soon in a unique way.

“Chiz’s has kind of been quiet for the last year, but we are excited to bring out these new products and give back to our loyal customers,” said Steve Smith, the owner of Chiz’s Foods.

The company’s ranch dressing has been a well-loved product in many eastern Idaho households. The creamy, fresh and delicious seasoning taste packed with onion, garlic and parsley is something people crave.

“That is everyone’s favorite ranch,” said Smith.

The company originated in St. Anthony and Smith bought the company in 2016. It has since expanded, eventually creating a state-of-the-art facility in Salt Lake City to manufacture products ranging from premium dressings to dips and even salsa. The products were sold in stores like Broulim’s, Kesler’s, Winco and Reeds Dairy.

Smith explained the products were being sold part of last year and then production stopped around July 2021.

“I felt like it was a good time to sell Chiz’s and I had a bunch of offers. I had one in the local area in Idaho that we thought would be a great fit and they pulled out,” he said. “I didn’t want to continue to manufacture finished products. It’s an expensive process. So I was looking at how we could continue to keep the product that so many people love.”

He came up with the idea of a dry seasoning packet, similar to what Hidden Valley sells, where customers can make the dressing fresh in their homes.

“It’s going to be a seasoning packet that will have the recipe on the back for them (customers) to add simple ingredients— mayonnaise, sour cream, buttermilk. With the seasoning packet, it will give them the same finished product as they would buy in a grocery store,” Smith explained.

He said that he will only be selling Chiz’s ranch dressing on Amazon.

“I will not be doing retail stores. There are Chiz’s customers all over the nation. I would like them to get it. So Amazon is the best way to do that,” Smith said.

There’s no word yet on the price as Smith said he is still working on the finished product and with manufacturers. As for now, Smith said he is focused on selling just the ranch. He hopes to start selling the ranch on Amazon this fall.

“We are trying to get a packet size that would make 32 ounces of ranch dressing and we are looking at selling packets of five that come together,” he said. “I am just excited that people will continue to get their favorite ranch still. That was really important to me. We have some great things planned for our loyal customers in the near future. I think the customers will be so excited about what we are going to do.”

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Chiz’s ranch dressing | Courtesy Steve Smith