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Idaho GOP lawsuit against Bonneville Republican Party dismissed

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BOISE — A lawsuit filed against the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee (BCRCC) by the Idaho Republican Party has been dismissed.

Former Idaho Republican Party Chairman Tom Luna filed the lawsuit May 12, days before the primary election, after the BCRCC and its leaders endorsed and made donations to candidates running in the primary election.

The next day, Fourth District Judge Jason Scott issued a preliminary injunction preventing the central committee from using direct mail, social media, flyers or other forms of communication to make endorsements.

The BCRCC announced in a news release Thursday that the preliminary injunction has been vacated and nullified.

“The dismissal of this suit and the subsequent vacation of the court’s preliminary injunction follows a recent resolution from the Idaho Republican Party delegates, which directed the Idaho Republican Party’s Executive Committee to dismiss with prejudice the lawsuit against the Bonneville County Republican Party,” the release said. “The resolution directing dismissal of the suit was passed overwhelmingly by the delegates at the Idaho Republican Convention.”

Luna lost his seat as party chair in July after being defeated by Dorothy Moon at the Idaho Republican Convention.

“The BCRCC is very grateful to see this divisive lawsuit and its claims dismissed,” the news release said.


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