Restrictions in place for Pocatello street while crews install water line


The following is taken from a news release from the city of Pocatello.

POCATELLO – Over the next six weeks, contracted work crews will be installing a new city waterline on Pocatello Creek Road.

As of September 30, the eastbound lane of Pocatello Creek Road beginning at Jefferson Avenue is closed. Both directions of travel in the work area will be temporarily restricted to one lane on weekday nights from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. during portions of this work.

The project will take place through November and extend from Jefferson Avenue to Call Creek Drive. Access to the construction area will be restricted and sections of the street will be closed during the project. Every effort will be made to provide local access to the area when possible.

Drivers are asked to use caution and follow construction signage and temporary lane indicators when navigating the work zone.

At the close of each day, access will be restored to all properties.

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