A Feel Good Friday surprise for a Fred Meyer employee who made a big difference to a customer

Feel Good Friday

EastIdahoNews.com and Ashley in Idaho Falls and Pocatello are partnering to honor people in our community for Feel Good Friday. Every week, we surprise someone deserving of special recognition.

We recently received an email about a man named Brandon who works at Fred Meyer in Idaho Falls. It said:

On Monday, I scheduled a pickup order because I knew I would be short on time with the tasks and events of the day. I had volunteered to take dinner to my neighbors who recently suffered a tragedy in their family. I planned to make a dinner that involved the ingredients that I had scheduled to pick up. Unfortunately, as it sometimes occurs, the chicken in my order was unavailable.

I went to do my pickup and asked Brandon if there was any way to substitute the chicken with a different cut or anything (trying to save time, but knowing it might be a long shot). It was raining hard and Brandon apologetically informed me that they were severely short-staffed. I understood, and started planning my next move to get some chicken or adjust dinner plans.

He went back inside and came out to inform me that he had sent his one employee to go check. Long story short, Brandon went above and beyond and fulfilled my order, while also coming back out into the rain a few times to check in with me about the process. Moments later, he came back out with the chicken! I was so grateful.

I know it might seem like a simple gesture to do this, but it really saved the day. I was able to get the recipe that I had originally planned in the crockpots at the scheduled time and I really appreciated all that Brandon did to help me. I left him a 5-star review, but was hoping you might recognize him for his efforts in making the world a better place with his amazing kindness and customer service.

We decided to pay Brandon a visit at work to thank him for having a positive impact on this woman. Watch the Feel Good Friday surprise in the video player above!

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