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Can’t attend the farmers market on Saturdays? A market is coming to Ammon Wednesday nights

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AMMON — People in the community who are busy or unable to attend the Idaho Falls Farmers Market on Saturdays will now have a new chance in Ammon.

The Idaho Falls Farmers Market is partnering with the city of Ammon to bring a market to the town on Wednesday evenings starting in July.

“We have talked about doing a farmers market before, but it just has never materialized, so I think this is the first real effort,” said Micah Austin, Ammon city administrator. “We are super excited because we feel like it’s a great community partnership.”

The Idaho Falls Farmers Market is putting on “Nights in Ammon” on Wednesdays from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. from July 12 through Aug. 30. View the schedule below.

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Nights in Ammon. | Courtesy Idaho Falls Farmers Market

“This will all be located at McCowin Park in the plaza between the tennis courts and the splash pad and in that parking lot in front of our pool,” Austin said.

The vendors will be similar to what you see at the Idaho Falls Farmers Market off Memorial Drive on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Vendors you can expect in Ammon are Black Bear Family Farms, Sugared Moose Mini Donuts, New Life Farms, Geiserwoodturner, The Corndog Company and many more. There will be a great variety of agriculture, produce, meats, food and artisans.

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The difference is that this market will be condensed.

“We have almost 60 spots available, but a lot of our vendors that are (agriculture) and produce, they take more than one of those 10 by 10 spots. So we have 60 spots, but we are anticipating anywhere from 35 to 45 actual vendors,” said Cort Pincock, president of the Idaho Falls Farmers Market. “We are really excited to bring an evening farmers market to McCowin Park.”

Pincock said if anyone is interested in becoming a vendor, you can inquire by emailing

Pincock said the Idaho Falls Farmers Market has expanded over the past few years and now has about 130 vendors. There’s been a great response from the community. One of the top suggestions and feedback that Pincock says the board has received has been trying to get the farmers market on another day.

“There are a lot of people who work on Saturday or who don’t want to get up early on Saturday morning, and so we have been thinking for a while about how we can incorporate, you know, maybe an evening market somewhere,” he said.

Ammon is the perfect place to try it out since Austin says there’s been lots of interest from vendors and people in the community for several years.

“This first year is really going to be about a year of tryout of the concept and test it,” Austin said. “I just feel like people are just too busy on Saturdays. Everybody’s got their Saturdays planned through September these days, and so Wednesday made sense.”

“I am excited to offer this opportunity to our vendors to get more business and also to people who would love to go to the farmers market who can’t make it on Saturday,” Pincock added. “To be able to offer that to people in Ammon is really, really exciting.”

Down the road, Pincock hopes to make this regular in Ammon every summer. Austin encourages anyone who likes farmer’s markets to visit Ammon and check it out.

“I would just encourage the community, if this is something you like, come out and support it. Your support will mean a lot to us, and it will tell us whether or not we should continue doing this in Ammon,” he said.

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Courtesy Idaho Falls Farmers Market