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Planting a shade garden? Here’s what you need to know

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Trees and structures alter the light in our yards. The light under trees can vary from dappled shadows to deep shade (almost no direct light). This light variation provides an opportunity to be creative with plants that vary from green foliage to beautiful flowers.

These lighting conditions may require the selection of different plants. Full-sun indicates six or more hours of direct sunlight; partial shade is four to six hours of sunlight; full shade is less than four hours; and deep shade is almost no direct light.

plants 1
Here are some plants you might try in your shade garden.
plants 2
Here are some plants you might try in your shade garden.

There are many more beautiful plants that will tolerate at least partial shade. Most spring bulbs will do well in partial shade, and the bloom will last longer than in hot, sunny locations.

For pictures and more information on these and other ornamental herbaceous plants visit our Idaho Landscapes and Gardens website.

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