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Privately-owned indoor soccer facility, turf field being built in Ammon

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The 16 acres where Renegades Headquarters will be built in Ammon. | Courtesy Renegades Football Club

AMMON — A one-of-a-kind soccer facility is currently being built in eastern Idaho.

The facility, which will be called Renegades Headquarters, will sit on 16 acres in Ammon near the YMCA Indoor Soccer Arena near Sunnyside Road. It will be primarily for athletes who play for the soccer organization known as the Renegades Football Club. However, there will be certain open events and tournaments where the community will be invited and have opportunities to participate.

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“This will be a place where people can come and be engaged in an activity where it will be a positive environment, and (they’ll be) doing a positive thing,” Ryan Stosich, founder and president of the Renegades Football Club, told “They’ll be learning things that will help them later in life, whether they go the soccer path or not.”

Phase one of the construction process is underway. Ryan’s wife and Renegades co-owner Claudia Stosich said phase one consists of building a privately-owned full-size outdoor turf field with lights. The turf will be laid in the upcoming weeks.

This part of the project also includes building two separate stand-alone buildings for year-round indoor trainings, games and tournaments. The buildings will house the Renegades offices, meeting rooms, a cross-fit business, contractor shops and storage units. The buildings are expected to be ready at the end of the year.

Ryan said to their knowledge, this will be the only privately-owned turf field and indoor complex facility in southeastern Idaho.

“All other turf fields and training facilities are owned by schools (or) non-profits,” Ryan, who founded the organization in 2021, mentioned. “(That) makes consistent use and planning very difficult as it is based around school events and multiple sports. (Renegades Headquarters) will allow private control to ensure priority of our players to trainings and games.”

Renegades Headquarters 3
Courtesy Renegades Football Club

After phase one is complete, the next part of the project will get underway which will consist of a full-size indoor 11v11 turf field. Other developments will be made in the future based on what is needed, Claudia explained.

The entire project — which will cost millions of dollars — is being funded entirely by Ryan, according to the Stosich’s. Claudia said there are no partners or investors, and he is the only one investing in this. Ryan owns other local businesses and because of that, he is able to finance Renegades Headquarters.

Part of the reasoning behind the investment is because Ryan and Claudia believe competitive soccer teams in southeastern Idaho have a “huge disadvantage” compared to out-of-state teams the Renegades compete against. This is due to not being able to “train well year-round.”

“With the poor weather of southeastern Idaho, we spend months limited (to) trying to get time in school gyms and churches, which make it very difficult to train, have games, stay in soccer shape and prepare for out-of-state events during the winter months,” Ryan said.

The Renegades currently have about 700 athletes — male and female — ranging from the age of 5 to seniors in high school.

The organization offers recreational teams (which are more for fun and help people learn about the game), competitive teams (for athletes that want to compete but aren’t necessarily interested in playing college soccer) and academy teams (the highest level of play the Renegades offer).

For the first time, the academy teams will be playing in a national premier league called Junior Premier League. This will provide more opportunity to exposure for soccer players wanting to continue their soccer at higher levels such as college.

“Renegades is the only club in southeast Idaho that will be part of a national league,” Claudia said.

She wants people to remember though that a person doesn’t have to be a “super star” soccer player to be part of Renegades.

“There’s been a lot of negativity and hate against the club because of what we’re about to do,” Claudia said. “If (people) ever have any questions what Renegades is about, they can come meet us. They can come to our headquarters and come try out and see what it is.”

A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be announced at a later date.


  • The Renegades are hosting tryouts in June in Idaho Falls and Pocatello. More information can be found here.
  • The Renegades are holding a local Junior Renegades League in July for kids ages five to 12. More details on this will soon be posted on their website.
  • The Renegades Champions Cup Tournament will take place in Idaho Falls in July and is for kids ages five to seniors in high school. Click here for more details.
Renegades Headquarters 2
Courtesy Renegades Football Club