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The first 100 degree day of the year could be this weekend

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POCATELLO — Grab your sunscreen and sunglasses because this weekend will most likely reach 100 degrees in parts of Idaho.

The National Weather Service in Pocatello posted on Facebook, “We could see the first 100-degree day of the year on Sunday.”

“Generally around Blackfoot, Pocatello, south and west over towards Twin Falls–generally those lower elevation areas–probably will be around 100, maybe a little bit above,” said Andrew McKaughan, a meteorologist at NWS. “It will be warm everywhere.”

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NWS Pocatello

According to a graphic posted by NWS, on Sunday, Burley is expected to be 100 degrees, Pocatello 101 degrees and Shoshone 102 degrees. Places like Idaho Falls, Preston, and Challis are expected to be in the upper 90s.

“Drink lots of water, try to limit your time outside if at all possible. But if you do have to be out there, take frequent breaks and make sure you stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and comfortable clothing,” McKaughan said.

After Sunday, McKaughan said it’s expected to continue to be warm and above normal temperatures.

“Monday right now–generally low to mid-90s, probably in most places. Tuesday–upper 80s to lower 90s, so it’s still going to be warm,” he said.

It just won’t be quite as hot as this weekend, where McKaughan said to make sure to take precautions and be aware.

“Aside from the heat, obviously, it’s going to be quite dry out there…we will probably see some fire danger start to increase across the area with just the warm temperatures and pretty low humidity out there. Just follow any burning restrictions that may be in place,” he added.

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NWS Pocatello