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More flights to LA are likely coming to the Idaho Falls airport. Here’s why

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The following is a news release from the city of Idaho Falls:

IDAHO FALLS – The Idaho Falls Regional Airport is proud to announce it has been awarded a federal Small Community Air Service Development (SCASD) Grant of $950,000 to support efforts to offer additional flights.

The $950,000 grant provides a revenue guarantee to pursue and develop future air service to the Los Angeles area. The grant also aims to further reduce airfare costs at IDA and provide greater regional connectivity.

“We are extremely grateful for the support of our representatives in Congress who supported Idaho Falls receiving this grant,” said Idaho Falls Mayor Rebecca Casper. “Throughout the pandemic and beyond, the Idaho Falls Regional Airport has seen strong passenger demand across numerous destinations and airlines. As professionals continue to move to the region, increasing the need for additional flights to new cities; this grant will support this need without the use of local property tax dollars.”

The Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASDP) is limited to a maximum of 40 grant awards annually, with no more than four grants per state. There are no limits on the amounts of individual awards, and the amounts awarded vary depending upon the features and merits of the proposals selected.

The total award includes $150,000 from community partners as well as another $10,000 from local media showcasing how integral service to the Los Angeles area is to the region. The airport has also pledged $100,000 in the form of fee waivers and marketing support for a limited time.

“We are thrilled with the news of being a grant recipient and want to thank the Department of Transportation for recognizing the need for assistance in securing this much-needed route,” said Idaho Falls Regional Airport Assistant Director Jayme Verish. “The impact this grant will have on travelers in the region is immeasurable, and we look forward to working with air carriers to bring this route to fruition.”

With the SCASD grant award confirmed, airport staff will now work with airline partners to showcase the viability of the new route. Additional details will be announced in the future.

“Our community partners and all who contributed to our winning application for these funds should be commended,” Casper said. “Public-private partnerships have become the backbone of our region’s success, and this is a primary example of what can be accomplished when everyone works together.”