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Palate Neighborhood Bistro an ‘explosion of flavor’

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The Palate Filet | Logan Ramsey,

POCATELLO — Just off of the busy traffic of Yellowstone Avenue on an angled street, restaurant goers dine on a beautiful patio under string lights and surrounded by green plants.

This is Palate Neighborhood Bistro, a swanky restaurant in Pocatello co-owned by Ryan Wiscombe and Lindee Pickett that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant offers a bar, inside-dining area and an outside patio where diners can taste mouth-watering meals.

“It’s just an explosion of flavor,” Pickett said.

Palate Neighborhood Bistro opened in 2020, and ever since, the restaurant has given people a dining experience filled with creative and delicious menu items.

Before they opened their brick-and-mortar location, they got into the food truck business in 2017 with Palate Street Bistro, which is parked by Jim Dandy Brewing seven days a week.

But before that, Wiscombe’s father, Rob Wiscombe, was a chef in Pocatello who owned The Continental Bistro and was the executive chef at Cafe Tuscano. He was a “big influence” on Wiscombe, but 10 years ago, he passed away.

“And I tried to get away from it, but it’s in my blood. There’s something about it,” Wiscombe said. “It just keeps finding me more than I find it.”

Ever since then, Wiscombe and Pickett have brought menu items to people that hit all of their taste buds.

One of their most popular menu items is their Palate Filet, a beef tenderloin filet served with roasted broccoli and gouda mashed potatoes. This is one of their most popular dinner items.

Another popular item is their Fish and Chips and Truffle Fries. The fries are tossed with roasted garlic and parmesan cheese, and they integrate salt with black truffle seasoning. The fish are beer-battered with a potato chip crust.

Fish and Chips and Truffle Fries
Fish and Chips and Truffle Fries | Logan Ramsey,

“So they’re extra crispy,” Wiscombe said. “They’re really nice and moist on the inside and delicious.”

They have a smaller menu with quality options as well as rotating specials, ensuring that diners can find something they know they love as well as something new to love.

And the owners let their staff’s creativity flourish when picking the items on the specials menu.

“We have some of the most talented chefs who just love to create and use their imaginations to create the most delicious food,” Pickett said.

Wiscombe said that if his dad could see him today, he would tell him, “I told you so.” Wiscombe said if father were alive, they would work together to grow the business.

“But, he’d… be pretty proud,” Wiscombe said.

To people who are on the fence about branching out and trying a new restaurant, Wiscombe and Pickett said the food won’t disappoint.

“I guarantee it’ll knock your socks off,” Wiscombe said.

“We’re called Palate for a reason,” Pickett said. “You take a bite…of anything, you get sweet, you get savory, you get all the flavors on your palate.”

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