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Seniors spend a delightful day on the ice in Sugar City

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REXBURG (Homestead Senior Living) — The Homestead Senior Living facility orchestrated a delightful outing for its residents, as they took to the ice for a day filled with ice skating and hockey. The event, held at the Sugar City ice rink, brought smiles and laughter to the faces of residents and staff alike.

With the support of dedicated staff members, many residents bravely sat on folding chairs and wheelchairs and glided across the ice as an employee pushed them, experiencing a sense of freedom and exhilaration.

“I haven’t played hockey in years! Today brought back so many fond childhood memories!” remarked a resident from The Homestead. “It’s wonderful to see everyone having such a good time!”

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For some residents, the outing served as a nostalgic reminder of their youth, evoking memories of winter days spent on frozen ponds and neighborhood rinks. Others, experiencing the thrill of ice skating for the first time, marveled at the sensation of gliding gracefully across the smooth surface, supported by the encouraging presence of friends and caregivers.

In addition to ice skating, residents and staff indulged in a friendly game of hockey, with laughter echoing across the rink as participants displayed their competitive spirit in a lighthearted match. The sight of seniors wielding hockey sticks and chasing after the puck served as a testament to the timeless joy found in play and recreation, regardless of age or ability.

As the adventure drew to a close, residents returned to The Homestead Senior Living facility with rosy cheeks and hearts full of joy, grateful for the opportunity to embrace the spirit of adventure and camaraderie. The event stands as a shining example that there is always room and time for new experiences and cherished memories.