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Looking Back

Looking back: Woman assaults school teacher, boys shoot telephone cable and man finds over $1,000

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IDAHO FALLS — EastIdahoNews.com is looking back at what life was like during the week of Feb. 19 to Feb. 25 in east Idaho history.


SALMON — A Salmon woman assaulted a school teacher at the intermediate department of the Salmon school, the Salmon Idaho Recorder reported on Feb. 19, 1904.

“After using violent and abusive language, (Mrs. C.F. Sherning) pushed Miss Huggins against the door, breaking the glass and slightly injuring her, after which she fled in haste from the building,” the article states.

A warrant was issued for Sherning’s arrest on a charge of assault. She was taken before Judge Steel and plead guilty. She was fined $10 and costs amounting to $16.40 altogether, besides replacing the broken glass, which she immediately paid.

“The trouble was caused over Mrs. Sherning’s 10-year-old daughter, whom Miss Huggins caught pilfering from her desk,” the paper explained. “We understand the child acknowledged her guilt, but her mother stoutly denied it and as she has an ungovernable temper, the results were most unpleasant for her as well as her victim, who was so roughly treated.”


RIGBY — Rigby city officials were looking for boys firing .22 caliber rifles in the northwest section of the city, The Rigby Star reported on Feb. 19, 1942.

“The local telephone exchange found it impossible to complete important long-distance calls Monday night because of a broken cable,” the local paper wrote. “The trouble was traced to a point where the cable had been severed by rifle bullets.”

The article said “it was necessary” to repair the cable in “sub-zero weather in order that service to the homes effected could be resumed.”

“Officials call attention of parents to the seriousness of the offense and ask cooperation in bringing the practice to an end immediately,” The Rigby Star stated.


POCATELLO — Searchers were looking for a missing Pocatello-bound aircraft, the Idaho State Journal reported on Feb. 19, 1975.

The plane was carrying two Californians and disappeared early Sunday between Sacramento, Calif. and Reno, Nev.

“Air Force Rescue was conducting electronic searches coordinated with efforts of the two states,” the paper explained. “The Air Force has been using electronic homing devices operated from the aircraft. These can pick up and locate signals coming from emergency locater transmitters now required on airplanes.”

The Journal said no flight plan had been filed.


POCATELLO — A Pocatello man found $1,140 in the street, the Idaho State Journal reported on Feb. 22, 1976.

Andrew Jones found the money inside a briefcase. He turned the briefcase and money into police. The money was lost by Erma Nugent, co-owner of the Kay-Way Food Center.

Nugent told police she left the market late Friday night carrying two sacks and the briefcase. She put the briefcase on top of her car while she loaded the sacks in the front seat.

“Mrs. Nugent then drove off with the briefcase still on top,” the paper mentioned. “After driving a short way, she realized the briefcase was missing and returned to the store to look for it.”

Police said Nugent was going to give Jones a reward for returning the money.