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Eighth grader who helps kids in Unified PE class is honored with Emmy’s Award

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There are a lot of cool kids doing cool things in eastern Idaho and I’m partnering with Timberline Home to honor them.

Twice a month, I’ll be sharing the stories of local kids who are making a difference and honoring them with Emmy’s Award!

I received an email recently about a young man named Brody. It said:

Brody is an 8th grade student at Rocky Mountain Middle School. He helps as a peer model in the Unified PE class for kids with special needs. Brody is incredible with all the kids. He takes the time to get to know them and truly be their friend. The students are excited to see him in the hall.

Around Christmas time, Brody found out that a student really liked a certain anime character that is very difficult to find in stores. Without telling anyone he went and bought this student two shirts and a hoodie. He had the items delivered anonymously as a secret Santa to this student. This student was thrilled and said he had never had anyone do something so nice for him before.

I decided to surprise Brody with Emmy’s Award! We stopped by the school while he was the PE class. Check it out in the video player above!

If you know a cool kid who deserves an Emmy’s Award, email emmy@eastidahonews.com and tell us about them!