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Local seniors bag some turkeys and fulfill bucket list

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Courtesy Homestead Senior Living

REXBURG (Homestead Senior Living) — The residents at The Homestead Senior Living got to experience yet another exciting adventure. Guided by Blake, Tyler, and a little luck, they were able to experience a terrific turkey hunt.

Several residents expressed a desire to go turkey hunting again as a “bucket list item”.

So, The Homestead bought several turkey chicks and Blake raised them to maturity in preparation of making this dream come true.

Finally the big day and season had arrived to harvest these beautiful birds. Blake and Tyler set out with the residents to find a superb spot of both beauty, accessibility for the residents, and realism of where the turkeys would be if they were wild. They set up a blind, broke out the hot chocolate, and started calling in the birds. Tyler had released the birds earlier that day in the area.

The desire for this hunt was to make it as authentic to a wild hunt as possible. After calling the turkey’s for a bit, the residents started to get some responses from the turkeys. As they got within eyesight, the residents prepared, and then fired. Success!

“I used to hunt with my father when I was a boy,” remarked one of the residents, “This brings back so many fond memories. It’s wonderful to experience it again!”

The Homesteads goal is to elevate the lives of their residents. Keeping them active, and creating opportunities for them to check off their “bucket list items” is one of many ways they serve their residents.