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Utah man charged after ‘choking out’ another man for taking too long in a bathroom, police say

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CLEARFIELD, Utah (KSL.com) — Police say they have footage of a 64-year-old Ogden resident becoming so incensed at a man for using a Maverik gas station bathroom too long, that he “slapped a carotid choke on him,” until the man lost consciousness, according to charging documents.

The surveillance footage shows Brad Richard Moss confronting a man as he exited the bathroom, yelling at him for taking too long, police say. The man tried to walk past Moss and leave, but Moss pulled him to the ground in a chokehold, the police booking affidavit says.

A Maverik employee told police she heard the two men hit the ground, and went to see what was happening, according to the charging documents. When the employee yelled for Moss to stop, and the alleged victim’s face was turning purple, charging documents state Moss replied, “I won’t let go until he stops twitching.”

The affidavit said the man first attempted to fight off the chokehold, but went limp after some time.

Moss let go after another bystander began calling police, the charging documents say, but Moss allegedly told the employee he would have killed the man if she wasn’t there — and that he was going to kill her, too.

During an interview with police, Moss admitted to putting the man in a chokehold because he believed the man was “going to assault him,” the charging documents say, and when asked if the man was unconscious after the choking, Moss replied “Oh yeah, he was out.”

Moss is set to make an initial appearance Wednesday at Utah’s 2nd District Court in Farmington.