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Here’s where you can find helpful resources for your yard or garden

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There are two relatively new resources offered by the University of Idaho to eastern Idaho gardeners and yard enthusiasts. Throughout the growing season, a pest alert newsletter is released weekly. You may also sign up to participate in online classes that are held twice per month on a variety of horticultural topics.

Eastern Idaho Pest Alert Newsletter

If you are interested in targeted pest control in your orchard and garden, you need to sign up to receive the Eastern Idaho Pest Alert Newsletter. Management of codling moth (wormy apples) isn’t difficult, but it must timed correctly and you must consider the product you are using. UI monitors temperature and insect activity to report when you should consider treatment to prevent worms. Advice is also offered on treatment options to consider.

Similarly, by signing up for pest alerts, you will be notified when risk is high for fire blight, a common bacterial nemesis of apple and pear trees. These are just two examples. Each newsletter includes information on pests to watch for, as well as highlights on beneficial insects to consider. An archive of past newsletters is maintained and available. Visit University of Idaho Extension, Bonneville County to sign up to receive pest alerts.

Idaho Home Garden Tips

Idaho Home Garden Tips is a series of online gardening classes available to those who want to learn a little bit more about home gardening.

Classes are offered on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. MT, February through October, via Zoom.

Classes are recorded for those who are unable to attend or want to watch portions of the class. Various presenters are invited to speak for the first 30 minutes.

Following the presentation, experts are available to answer questions until 8 p.m. on whatever plant questions you want to ask.

This past week (May 14th), I presented on proper diagnosis of lawn problems. On May 28th, the topic will be organic weed control options and myths. Visit Idaho Home Garden Tips for a list of topics and to access the link to classes.