If you haven’t tried Reed’s Dairy, you are missing out on grilled cheese sandwiches, ice cream and gourmet chocolate milk  - East Idaho News
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If you haven’t tried Reed’s Dairy, you are missing out on grilled cheese sandwiches, ice cream and gourmet chocolate milk 

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Reed’s Dairy ice cream and chocolate milk. | Pictures: Andrea Olson, EastIdahoNews.com Design: Alex Lemoing, EastIdahoNews.com

IDAHO FALLS — If you haven’t been to Reed’s Dairy, you are missing out. There are over 100 homemade ice cream flavors, chocolate milk with potato flakes and legendary grilled cheese sandwiches. 

The iconic dairy has many locations, including Twin Falls and Boise, but EastIdahoNews.com stopped by the West Broadway location in Idaho Falls to try some delicious treats. 

One of the most popular flavors and big sellers is the huckleberry ice cream. All of the ice creams are creamy and will keep you cool on a hot day. 

Reeds Dairy
The Huckleberry ice cream at Reed’s Dairy. | Andrea Olson, EastIdahoNews.com

“We spent a lot of time on our formulation years ago and so we feel like we have a really good product there. It’s unique compared to other ice creams because of how it’s made and so we really appreciate the community coming in and trying,” said Alan Reed, the president of Reed’s Dairy. 

Another tasty ice cream is a chocolate cheesecake flavor with chocolate chips and caramel. 

Reed’s favorite flavor might surprise anyone, but he explains why it’s so good. 

“My favorite flavor is vanilla,” Reed said. “I spent about six months working on our vanilla flavoring. So, we use a combination of Madagascar, Indonesian, and Tahitian vanillas. We blend them together in our own unique portions and that’s what makes our vanilla.”

There are countless flavors to choose from. 

“We have over 100 on our list, but we keep around 80 in stock all the time,” Reed said. 

Reed’s Dairy also has their well known, “Reed’s Gourmet Chocolate Milk.” It’s rich, thick and unlike any other chocolate milk with its potato flakes. 

“The formulation that we developed includes potato flakes and I wanted to have more of a natural chocolate milk and not use artificial stabilizer,” Reed explained. 

Reeds Dairy
Reed’s Gourmet Chocolate Milk. | Andrea Olson, EastIdahoNews.com

And don’t forget about the grilled cheese sandwiches if you want to stop by for lunch. You can choose to have just cheese on it, or you can add ham.

“This is the sandwich that we serve in all of our stores. We take the bread, and we have our own butter blend that we use to make the grilled cheese with and, of course, our cheese. We sell lots and lots of grilled cheese sandwiches,” Reed said. 

There are cheese curds, regular milk, eggnog, and chocolate nog during the holidays, and much more. 

It’s a local dairy that’s full of everything. Click here to learn more about Reed’s Dairy. 

“We just really appreciate being local and all the community support that we have in all of our stores,” Reed said. 

Reeds Dairy
The cheese curds at Reed’s Dairy. | Andrea Olson, EastIdahoNews.com

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