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7 Questions with Emmy

Judah & the Lion answers 7 Questions with Emmy and shares how their new album has healed them

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Judah & the Lion are a folk band consisting of Judah Akers on vocals and guitar and Brian Macdonald on mandolin and vocals. The group was named as iHeart’s Best New Alternative Artist in 2019 and their debut album went platinum. Their song “Take It All Back” was #1 on the alternative chart for over a month.

The band is releasing their fifth studio album “The Process” on Friday, May 10. Judah experienced a series of devastating events, including the loss of family members to suicide, as well as a divorce from his wife, all within approximately six months. Overwhelmed and numb, he turned to music as the healer.

I was able to talk with Judah and Brian. Here’s what I asked them:

  • At what age did you both become interested in music?
  • When did you two first meet and how did the band Judah & the Lion start after that?
  • For people who haven’t heard your music yet, how would you describe it?
  • Your new album “The Process” comes out tomorrow. What inspired you to write this album?
  • What do you hope people will take away from listening to this album?
  • To quote a song on the album, “If you’re afraid, let go of the reins.” If you feel comfortable sharing, can you tell me ways you’ve found to help you “let go of the reins” when life is hard?
  • Mother’s Day is on Sunday. What’s a piece of advice your mothers have given you that you still use today?

Watch my entire interview with Judah & the Lion in the video player above and learn more about their music on their website, Facebook page and Instagram.

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