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Wife sentenced to three years probation after spiking husband’s coffee with bleach

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TUCSON, Arizona (KGUN) — Some people really need that morning coffee to get ready for the day. One man in Tucson says his wife had something very different in mind for his morning coffee: He says she was trying to poison him.

When Roby Johnson noticed his coffee tasted funny, he said he proved something very unfunny was going on. Between surveillance cameras and doing chemical tests with strips meant to test swimming pool water, he determined his wife, Melody, was spiking his coffee with chlorine bleach.

Melody Johnson was facing an attempted murder charge. In April, she pled guilty to a low-level felony of putting poison in food and drink.

Before the sentencing hearing Friday, Roby Johnson told Judge Javier Chon-Lopez he and Melody had relationship troubles, but nothing like this.

“Through our 17-year journey together, she has never attempted to physically harm me until last year,” he said in court. “Her transgressions were predominantly verbal and emotional.”

The pair was still living together but headed for divorce at the time he noticed his coffee tasted off—first when he was stationed in Germany with the Air Force and later in Tucson.

“While her period of incarceration may have imparted valuable lessons, I harbor doubts that it alone will address the underlying issues,” Roby Johnson said to the judge. “Hence, I respectfully petition that Melody be mandated to undergo mental health treatment and educational programs in concert with probation.”

Melody Johnson’s attorney argued she has a history of anxiety and depression and is willing to continue mental health treatment.

She argued for leaving the punishment at the year Melody Johnson’s already spent in jail, but the judge ordered three years probation instead, plus mental health treatment.

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