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Ammo vending machines installed in grocery stores

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NOBLE, Oklahoma (KOCO) — Automated ammunition vending machines have recently been installed inside several grocery stores across Oklahoma and Alabama.

The machines, created by American Rounds, offer ammo to be purchased without engaging with a store clerk. They “are accessible 24/7, ensuring that you can buy ammunition on your own schedule, free from the constraints of store hours and long lines,” according to the company’s website.

The company states that the machines are equipped with “the latest AI technology” with card scanning and facial recognition software to verify the identity and age of each buyer.

The company states that its system ensures all transactions comply with federal and local regulations.

Grant Magers, chief executive officer of American Rounds, said there are no limitations on the amount of ammunition you can purchase, other than when the machines run out of stock. He estimated restocking taking place every two to four weeks, depending on sales.

Magers said the ID scanners are the same used by the Transportation Security Administration at airports and that the machines use multi-point facial recognition to ensure that the photo on the ID matches the person attempting to buy the ammo.

In order to purchase ammunition, the buyer must be 21 or older, as Magers said different states have age restrictions on the purchase of certain types of ammo. He said the company decided to err on the side of caution to be in alignment with the law across the country.

As far as record keeping, Magers said different states require transactional records be kept on ammunition, saying some could require records to be kept for months and other states require records kept for years.

He said transactional data is always required to be kept and said residents should check their state’s laws to find out more information on how long those records are required to be kept.

Magers said no information collected during the purchase is shared, and that it is solely for the purpose of age verification.

Since installing the machines, Magers said sales have been great, with increased sales month-over-month. He said many are having good experiences with the machines and becoming return customers.

The machines sell a variety of handgun, rifle and shotgun rounds, according to photos sent in Saturday from a KOCO 5 viewer who visited a store in Noble.

In an X, formerly Twitter, post from June 27, the company posted a video showing two recent installations of the machines at Super C Mart grocery stores in Oklahoma. The company also listed two stores in Alabama as having the machines.

The company’s website lists vending machine locations in Kingston, Lindsay, Noble and Wetumka.

Magers said the company has expanded to other states, including new machines being installed in Colorado and Texas and that they are looking to expand further in Oklahoma.