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10 things your labor nurse wants you to know

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Having a baby can be scary, especially for a new mom. Brigitta is an experienced Labor & Delivery nurse at EIRMC. Here’s her best advice to ease concerns:

1. Poop is good!               

It’s a secret nurse oath that if you poop, we won’t tell you. But pooping is good! You use the same muscles to poop as you do to have a baby. A little poo just means you are using the right muscles to push and your pushes with contractions will be more effective. 

2. Taking a tour and birth class is really helpful           

This is especially for first time parents or if you’ve never delivered in that facility before. A tour gives you the opportunity to see where you need to go when you check in, what the rooms look like and even meet some of the nurses. It also allows you to ask any questions you may have. Birthing classes cover things like what to expect at the hospital, pain control options, breastfeeding and even a short presentation by a pediatrician.

3. Breastfeeding is hard            

For something that is seemingly so natural, it is not always a walk in the park. We have so many ways to help you succeed with your breastfeeding journey from lactation consultants, to supplemental nursing systems and well trained staff who can help with feeding positions and latching techniques. EIRMC also has an Outpatient Lactation Center to provide help once you’ve gone home. Call (208) 529-7171.

4. Do your research and have a plan, if you plan on going natural

Whether you are hypno-birthing, doing meditation or Lamaze, it is crucial to your success that research your method of choice and come fully prepared. It also helps to get your partner on board so they know what to expect. We have many tools for use during labor such as a TENS units, a variety of birthing balls, essential oils and CUB chairs that help ease pain.

5. The nurse will push with you, sometimes for hours, before the doctor comes to deliver        

It can take a while to get babies here, especially if it’s your first. The average first time mom pushes for 1-2 hrs, sometimes even longer. The nurse will guide you how to push, while also offering perineum massage to help prevent tearing.  When they feel the time is right, your nurse will call your doctor for delivery. 

6. We don’t care about your nether regions                 

Shaved, not shaved. Pierced, bejeweled. We’ve seen one, we’ve seen ’em all!

7. Birth plans don’t need to be lengthy.            

Your nurse will go over your wishes with you during admission, such as who you want with you at delivery, skin to skin contact, infant medications and pain control. We do our best to make your birthing dreams come true, but it’s important to be flexible.  Some things don’t always go according to plan, and if that happens, our priority is keeping you and baby safe and healthy.

8. A C-section isn’t the end of the world           

In the end, what matters is a healthy mom and a healthy baby. 

9. I have two words for you: peanut ball        

I could write an entire article on the peanut ball, and maybe I will sometime in the future. This fabulous inflatable device is a birthing ball in the shape of a peanut. They come in different sizes and help open up the pelvis to bring baby down. There’s a wide variety of positions to use with the peanut ball and when used appropriately can help shorten labor. EIRMC has peanut balls, and other types of birthing balls, available to you.

10. We love our job!         

We will laugh with you and we will cry with you. Labor is an empowering, scary, life changing experience and we are here to help you through it! We are the advocates for you and your baby, and we will fight for you. If there is anything you are concerned with or have questions about, please let us know. We are on your side!