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Are you dumping microplastics on your lawn?

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Fertilizer’s dirty little secret is no more. Recent studies show that the polymer coatings around the nutrients can take several hundred years to degrade. Once the fertilizer is released through the thin layer of polymer, the leftover is a “deflated plastic shell.”

Polymers are thin layers of plastics. Most of the slow-release and control-release fertilizers available for sale are made with plastics. If you look at the fertilizer label, you will see this on analysis statement.

What is the problem with putting plastics on your lawn? Over time your lawn becomes more hydroscopic, and it can raise the pH.

As buildup of plastics continue, earthworms and soil microbes will be affected. Some of the plastics will wash down your curb and gutters. We have all heard about microplastics getting into our waterways.

“Fertilizers are a major source of microplastic pollutions in the soil.” – New Scientist


“The only barriers are public awareness of the problem and the political will to tackle it at its source by regulating the plastic industry.” – CIEL

Over 50 nations have banned polymer-coated fertilizers. Minnesota tried to ban them a year ago without success. Canada has recently changed its agronomic laws as well.

When you fertilize your lawn, would you throw down 1,000 plastic straws and mow them over? No! Plastics belong in a recycle bin, not on your lawn, soil, gardens, flowerbed, etc.!

What can you do? Read the label on the fertilizer you purchase. Ask your lawn care provider to provide you with labels of products they use. Stay away from polymer-coated fertilizers.

Look at alternative fertilizers like ProPeat. ProPeat combines nutrients with peat moss. ProPeat addresses plant nutrition and soil health at the same time, unlike traditional fertilizer. ProPeat helps to create amazing landscapes with fewer nutrients, holds water, reduces clippings and has NO PLASTICS. Made in Sugar City, Idaho!