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Is CBD right for you?

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As CBD (cannabidiol) seems to be all over social media and national television shows, you may be wondering if CBD is for you. Will it help you with your ailment or condition? You may be curious about how it works, or if it works. You are not alone.

Fourteen percent of people nationwide have used or are using CBD, according to a 2019 Gallup poll. That percentage is roughly 51 million people who are using or have used CBD. That number is higher in the West, with 20 percent of people there using CBD. As more research projects are in the works, we are finding more ways CBD can help us. Yet it has not hit mainstream America and must contend with some of the negative press of its cousin, marijuana.

The research on CBD has proven it safe for human use, and it is legal in 48 states as of this writing. However, some cautions can be given in purchasing CBD.

Foremost is the Certificate of Analysis that must accompany any CBD product. The COA will give you the amount of CBD in the product, the other ingredients and also what is not in the product, such as heavy metals, pesticides and THC. THC — tetrahydrocannabinol — is the ingredient in marijuana that makes you high and will show up on a drug test. Though there is not enough THC in any CBD product to make you high, always ensure there is a COA for the product you intend to purchase in the event you will need to pass a drug test.

If you have a particular ailment or condition, you can find a great deal of research on it on the internet. Be sure you are looking at research on a legitimate web site that has the actual research report and not just someone who is paraphrasing a report. A prodigious amount of research indicates CBD can help with pain reduction, insomnia and anxiety control. CBD can also help pets with pain and anxiety.

Talk to someone who specializes in CBD to find out if it is something that would benefit you. They can help you with your decision and to find the correct product.