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New business in Rigby looks to make granite affordable

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RIGBY – Homeowners involved in remodels are moving indoors to avoid the cold weather. One of the common remodel projects at this time of year is countertop installations.

A new business in Rigby sells prefabricated marble and granite countertops. It’s called Affordable Granite & Stone, and it caters specifically to do-it-yourself customers who want to avoid extra costs associated with hiring a contractor.

Owner Micky Petrovic tells it’s the first business of its kind in eastern Idaho.

“I love stone, and nobody else has this stuff. I know there’s a demand,” he says.

Petrovic has worked in the granite and tile business for more than 30 years. He lived in California for most of his life but moved to eastern Idaho about two years ago.

Petrovic’s products come ready to be installed in 8- to 9-foot lengths. The slabs are bought in quarries from all over the world and are available in 16 different color options. Prices range from $259 to $500, depending on the style.

“If you compare it to slab installed or almost installed, this stuff is a quarter of the price if you install it yourself,” Petrovic says.

But even if you have someone install it for you, Petrovic says it would still be about half the price that it would normally cost.

“One of the things that customers tell us all the time is that they didn’t think they could even touch having granite. It’s so expensive, and this makes it so affordable,” co-owner Leah Penland says. “Some people don’t quite understand that it’s real stone, real granite, real marble, it’s just more affordable.”

There’s no catch at all, Penland says. Customers can pick it up, install it themselves and save thousands of dollars.

Customers use the granite tops for a wide variety of projects, including hearths, barbecue grills, tables and anything that needs a surface on it.

“I had a guy in Swan Valley put three of them together in a kitchen floor,” says Petrovic.

Homeowners, contractors, house flippers, real estate agents and designers are among the types of customers who buy products from Petrovic. Most of them are local, but he’s had customers from Boise, Utah and Wyoming as well.

Petrovic will also deliver for customers who aren’t able to pick up their purchase.

He says business has been great since opening six months ago. He’s currently operating out of his home, but he’s hoping to eventually open a storefront in Idaho Falls.

Affordable Granite & Stone is at 4572 East 75 North, 10 minutes southeast of Rigby off State Highway 48. He is open by appointment only.

Visit the website or Facebook page to learn more. You can also call Petrovic directly at (208) 701-8324.

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