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New CBD store opens inside the old Riverside Deli restaurant in Idaho Falls

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IDAHO FALLS – The building formerly occupied by Riverside Deli in Idaho Falls has a new tenant.

Nugget CBD opened its doors Sunday at 625 Pancheri Drive. Co-owner James Rupp tells people are excited to see a new business opening up at this location and it’s already proving to be an effective place to do business.

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“We love being able to be in the public’s eye. We want people to know they can come in and try out a safe product,” Rupp says.

Nugget CBD offers a variety of oral and topical products containing CBD Isolate, a molecule extracted from industrial hemp, that Rupp says has natural healing properties.

Finding pain relief from the use of CBD products is not a guarantee, Rupp says, but for many people, there is anecdotal and documented evidence that CBD is helpful in treating ailments like epilepsy, depression, anxiety, arthritis, inflammation, and in extreme cases, cancer.

“If you’re on any current medications, we encourage people to ask their doctor if they can take CBD. We’re seeing that a lot of doctors actually (prescribe it for their patients),” Rupp says.

Nugget CBD also offers CBD products you can feed your pet.

One of the company’s most popular products is a topical salve called Freezing Point.

“It’s a great product. It has the cooling effect like Biofreeze,” Rupp says. “We have tons of people with arthritis who will come and try it out on their hands, and within minutes they’re feeling a difference. They end up buying it before we can really pitch it to them.”

See Rupp demonstrate how it works in the video above.

The sale of CBD products is legal in Idaho, provided the cannabis-derivative does not contain any Tetrahydrocannabinols or THC. THC is the compound in cannabis plants that is known for getting people high. Idaho Code 37-2705(a) defines “any material, compound, mixture or preparation which contains any quantity” of THC to be marijuana and thus an illegal controlled substance.

Additionally, with the exception of a CBD medication to treat pediatric epilepsy, CBD products are not FDA approved, and may be dangerous, federal officials warn. Read more about it here. But, Rupp says they strive to set quality standards for the industry and are taking extra lengths to ensure their products are regulated.

“The CBD industry is untamed and unregulated, so many places are selling products that they claim to be quality. We set our standards high by going the extra mile of not only having one lab test the products, but (also) having a second lab verify those results,” says Rupp.

If any of their products go against their standards, Rupp says they pull them from store shelves immediately.

CBD Isolate is an extraction of one molecule from industrial hemp, and Rupp says there is no THC in any Nugget CBD product. The extraction process for CBD Isolate is also illegal in Idaho, which is why Rupp and his staff are not involved in the manufacturing of CBD products.

“We find very trusted brands (to do the extraction). We make sure they’re high quality and we make sure they have the CBD content they state, as well as no THC,” Rupp says. “We want people to know that we are here to stay and that we’re here legally. The Sheriff’s office is totally welcome to come in and take any product they want and test it.”

Rupp developed an interest in the CBD industry after seeing the impact it had on people’s lives. His friends, Justin and Jennifer Long, opened a store in Boise earlier this year and that got him interested in opening a store in Idaho Falls.

“I had seen CBD in little shops and tiny shelves (prior to Long’s store), and so I wondered if this is something we could even do here. But once I saw his shop and how he went about it, I thought it was something we can do, and I wanted to be able to set the bar just as high as he did,” Rupp says.

Nugget CBD store at 625 Pancheri in Idaho Falls | Rett Nelson,

The Boise store opened in May. There is also a store in Meridian and Nampa. The Idaho Falls store is the fourth location in Idaho.

Rupp says he’s looking forward to a long future in eastern Idaho, growing with the community and being able to give back.

But for now, Rupp is happy to be open for business. He’s hoping to have a lit sign in front of the building in the next few weeks. A grand opening for Nugget CBD is happening Saturday, Dec. 21. Rupp and his staff will be providing pancakes, hot chocolate and cider. There will also be raffle giveaways and free product samples. Every item in the store will be offered at a 10% discount.

“Come in and talk to us with any kind of CBD-related questions. We want to help you find the answers and we want you to feel more comfortable with CBD,” Rupp says. “We want to be able to offer you an alternative to traditional medicine that is going to help your body.”

Nugget CBD is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and Noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. Visit the website to learn more.