Cox family, Melani Pawlowski issue statement about JJ and Tylee

Daybell Case

The following is a statement from attorneys Robert Jarvis and Garrett Smith.

The Cox family –Janis and Barry, Summer, Melani and Ian — is deeply saddened by the recent findings in the investigation into the whereabouts of J.J. and Tylee. Their love for them knows no bounds.

The family has maintained a strong hope and belief that they were alive and well. With that hope and belief apparently shattered, they struggle to find comfort and hope in this potential new reality. They miss J.J. and Tylee very much.

The family is very grateful to those who have expended so much time and effort in trying to locate them.

The family expresses their deep and abiding love for J.J. and Tylee. The family will continue to closely watch the developing situation and will anxiously await the pending conclusions with heavy hearts. The family extends their gratitude to all those who have expressed their love and concern for J.J. and Tylee and feels the strength of their faith and prayers.

Watch our interview with Melani and Ian Pawlowski here.

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