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Republican Central Committee submits two candidates for Bingham County Sheriff

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BLACKFOOT — By Monday evening, Bingham County residents will know who the interim Bingham County Sheriff will be.

Former Sheriff Craig Rowland handed in a resignation letter last month and said it would take effect on Aug. 1. He said he had become a “distraction” following an alleged altercation that led to criminal charges.

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There is a process for selecting an interim sheriff, which includes the Bingham County Republican Central Committee and the Bingham County Commissioners. Read the process here.

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On Thursday evening, the Bingham County Republican Central Committee met to submit two candidate names for the Bingham County Commissioners. They additionally met with the candidates for over an hour to learn more about them and ask them questions.

Originally, there were three candidates for the sheriff’s position. However, one withdrew.

Bingham County Republican Central Committee chairman Dan Cravens told that he submitted the names to the commissioners on Friday.

The candidates are Chief Deputy Jeff Gardner with the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office and Stephen Woolf. Gardner told in a previous interview that he started with the sheriff’s office in 1995. Beginning in 2008, he worked in the security force at the INL for four and a half years, and during that time, also worked with the city of Blackfoot. He came back to the sheriff’s office in 2013 as Rowland’s Chief Deputy.

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Cravens told that Woolf has law enforcement experience in the Lewiston area and with the federal government.

“Our first choice to fill the sheriff’s vacancy was Jeff Gardner,” Cravens said. “The committee was impressed with both candidates. We were glad to see the quality, experience, and talents that both men had.”

Bingham County Commissioner Mark Bair told that the commissioners would have a public meeting at 3:30 p.m. on Monday, where they will appoint one of the candidates to be the interim sheriff. Bair said the commissioners are going to give each candidate an opportunity to speak and then they will ask them questions.

The meeting is set to take place in the county commissioner’s chambers at the Bingham County courthouse.