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Secret Santa

Mother sobs when her neighbors and Lexi Walker show up to help Secret Santa

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A Secret Santa has asked to help him give away $200,000 to deserving people and families living in east Idaho. From now until Christmas, Santa’s “elves” will be delivering surprises to many in our community. Some of the deliveries will be recorded – many will not. If you’d like to nominate someone for a Secret Santa surprise, click here.

Kathy Goff can never seem to catch a break. The 48-year-old single mother has three young adult children who have been diagnosed with dyskeratosis congenita – a rare, progressive bone marrow failure syndrome.

Kathy’s daughter has been through two years of chemotherapy and receives plasma transfusions every month. She also has mitochondrial diseases and epilepsy.

Kathy’s two sons have bone marrow problems and both recently had pacemakers installed. At one point, one of the boys flatlined but fortunately survived the procedure.

Dozens of neighbors showed at Kathy Goff’s house for the Secret Santa surprise. |

Kathy works two full time jobs to support her family and pay for the endless medical bills. She spends countless hours every week with her children in doctor’s offices and hospitals. She is constantly driving to Salt Lake City to take one child or another to one hospital or another for one illness or another.

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Kathy’s friends say she never asks for help and when help is offered, she can think of nothing to ask for. One friend said last Christmas, Kathy took names off of a giving tree at church – not realizing that her own family was also on the tree.

Vocal sensation Lexi Walker sang a Christmas carol to Kathy Goff and her family. |

family pic with lexi

Secret Santa heard about Kathy and sent his elves over with a special Christmas gift. 15-year-old vocal sensation Lexi Walker joined the team and sang Kathy’s family a Christmas carol and, as the Secret Santa crew arrived, neighbors from everywhere joined in on the special moment.

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