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Mike’s Makers: Crafting the perfect shaving brush

Mike's Makers

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Almost everyone shaves at some point in their lives. Throughout the centuries, new methods of shaving have been developed, but some aren’t satisfied with the changes and prefer traditional ways. This gives rise to a new generation of artisans who specialize in crafting razors, shaving soaps, creams and shaving brushes.

Matt Darrington, creator of Teton Shaves, crafts premium shaving brushes by hand. He uses a variety of materials and a lather to create, what he calls, functional works of art for wet shavers. Find Matt’s beautiful shaving brushes on Instagram, Facebook and through the Teton Shaves Web Page on

Watch the video above to see how it all works!

Mike’s Makers features locals who make things. From wood carvings to paintings, knives to cosplay and everything in between, anyone who makes anything is welcome on Mike’s Makers.

If you or someone who know enjoys making things, let Mike Price know about it by emailing him at or message him on Facebook or Instagram.

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