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Lori Daybell remains in jail and may have problems posting $1 million bail

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Lori Vallow Daybell glances at the camera during her hearing on Friday, March 6, 2020. Watch the conditions of her bond in the video player above. | John Roark, Pool photo

REXBURG — Lori Vallow Daybell remains in the Madison County Jail, but deputies are ready if she can post the $1 million bail.

The mother of Joshua “JJ” Vallow and Tylee Ryan, who have been missing since September, had her initial court appearance in Idaho on Friday. Magistrate Judge Faren Eddins reduced Daybell’s bail amount from $5 million to $1 million and said if she posts bond, she must wear a GPS monitor, sign a waiver of extradition and cannot leave Fremont, Madison, Jefferson and Bonneville counties.

“We have the paperwork ready, but so far, nothing has happened. We have done our due diligence as far as getting an ankle monitor, and we are ready if she does find a bondsman,” Madison County Sheriff Sgt. Isaac Payne tells EastIdahoNews.com.

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At last check, Daybell was in a smaller segregated portion of the jail but is not in isolation, according to Payne. She can visit face to face with her attorneys and clergy, but all other visits are done through a video chat system.

A bond, also known as bail, is money or collateral paid to the court by a defendant to ensure he or she returns for future court dates. Once a bond is set, a defendant has three payment options to get out of jail: cash, collateral or a bail bonds company.

If Daybell decides to post bond through a bail bonds company, she would be required to pay 10 percent of the bond amount – $100,000 – along with additional jail and state fees. Two local bond companies tell EastIdahoNews.com they were contacted by Daybell’s representatives, but the businesses are declining to work with her.

Running a bail bonds company can be risky because if Daybell fails to show up for court, it is up to the company to return her to custody or risk being liable for the entire $1 million.

Daybell is charged with two counts of felony child desertion and nonsupport of children, misdemeanor resisting and obstructing an officer, solicitation of a crime and contempt of court. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for March 18 and 19, where Madison County Prosecuting Attorney Rob Wood will need to prove there is enough evidence on the felony charges for the case to proceed from Magistrate Court to District Court.

EastIdahoNews.com has reached out to Daybell’s attorneys (Mark Means and Edwina Elcox) for comment and will update this story if they respond.