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Chad Daybell’s parents, family issue statement for ‘all who are suffering and grieving’

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Chad Daybell’s parents, Jack and Shelia Daybell, along with his brother, Paul Daybell, and the Daybell family have issued the following statement to about the deaths of the Joshua “JJ” Vallow and Tylee Ryan:

It is with heavy hearts and extreme sadness, that we wish to express our love and condolences to the families of JJ and Tylee. We especially want to convey our sorrow to Larry and Kay Woodcock and Colby Ryan for the pain and suffering they have endured for many months and especially at this time.

We have hoped and prayed over the many months for the safety and well-being of JJ and Tylee and we are devastated by their passing. We are heart-broken that these beautiful children’s lives were ended tragically and prematurely and for the emptiness and pain it leaves in the lives of their loved ones. We also continue to mourn for Tammy, who has been a daughter and sister to us and part of our family for nearly 30 years. She was the sweetest and kindest person and a wonderful mother to her children.

The lives of her children have been devastated since she passed away and through the events of the past months and recent days. We empathize and know that for every family and loved one involved, healing may take a lifetime. We send our most sincere love and prayers to all those who are suffering and grieving at this time.

The Daybell Family


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