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Monique Smith, the longest-living known Jane Doe, speaks about finding her true identity and more

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ORLANDO, Florida — CrimeCon in Orlando wrapped up Sunday after thousands of people from across the country gathered for the annual true-crime convention.

CrimeCon features guests from the true crime field including victims’ families, lawyers, journalists, advocates, podcasters and players from within the criminal justice system. It’s the world’s number one true crime event, according to organizers, and has grown considerably since launching in 2017. reporter Nate Eaton was back at the CrimeCon for the third year in a row interviewing presenters, guests and others for a series of videos that will be posted in the coming days.

S. Monique Smith is considered the longest-living known Jane Doe. After surviving decades of severe childhood abuse, Monique found out she did not exist and the woman who raised her may have stolen her from her mother.

Monique spent nearly a decade trying to find out what happened to her and uncover her true identity. After speaking to every national and federal agency designed to help missing persons and getting nowhere, Monique ended the tireless search for herself. Instead, she decided to focus on leaving a legacy behind for her now four beautiful children.

Monique published her book “I Am The Ancestor” and for the very first time, she shared her story with her children, friends, acquaintances, book clubs and people all around the world.

Nate caught up with Monique at CrimeCon. Watch their interview in the video player above.


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