He saved her puppy from a vicious attack & now she's thanking him for Feel Good Friday - East Idaho News
Feel Good Friday

He saved her puppy from a vicious attack & now she’s thanking him for Feel Good Friday

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EastIdahoNews.com and Ashley Furniture HomeStore are teaming up every week to bring you some good news during Feel Good Friday!

We want to thank people in our community with random acts of kindness and leave you feeling good.

Last week we received this email from a woman named Angie:

On Monday I was walking my 10-month-old dog, Milo, in my neighborhood. We turned a corner and I saw a large pit bull standing by the sidewalk. Before I was able to pick my dog up, the pit bull had my dog’s head in his mouth. I started yelling, “Help! Someone help me” as I tried to get Milo out of the dog’s mouth. The pit bull was shaking Milo violently. I was able to get his mouth open a couple of times and each time the pit bull grabbed him again. During this struggle, I continued to yell for help. The last time I got Milo free, Milo ran a couple of feet before the pit bull grabbed him by the arm. I remember feeling so tired and not sure if I had the energy to fight the dog. My hands were ripped and bleeding from the dog’s teeth but I knew I needed to help Milo. A man driving by heard my screams for help and jumped out of his car. He knelt on the dog and pushed him to the ground while choking him. I was able to grab Milo and then the pit bull ran away. I told the man thank you and ran home to drive Milo to the vet. Milo has several injuries and will probably lose his eye. My hands are scratched, bruised and one finger had to be stitched. This man saved my dog’s life and possibly me from further injuries. I wasn’t able to thank him properly. This man is a hero to me. He ran toward an aggressive dog to help me. His name is Trevor Dimond, he is a physical therapist.

We were able to track down Trevor and let Angie thank him for herself. She brought along Milo for the special surprise.

Watch the video above to see what happened!

If you have ideas for Feel Good Friday, email NEaton@EastIdahoNews.com.


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