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His son vanished over two years ago but this father is holding out hope that he’ll be found soon

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ORLANDO, Florida — Daniel Robinson vanished over two years ago and his father, David Robinson, is holding out hope that his son will be found soon.

Daniel, 25, was working as a geologist on a well in a remote area of the desert near Buckeye, Arizona when he disappeared on June 23, 2021. He was with one other person but at the end of their shift, Daniel drove off and has not been seen since.

“His vehicle showed up almost 30 days later three miles away from that well site in a ravine,” David Robinson says. “Everything on his body – underwear, clothes – was on the ground in a pile but there was no Daniel.”

Daniel’s phone was also with the 2017 blue-grey Jeep Renegade and Robinson says a private investigator he’s hired believes the scene may have been staged.

Robinson also shared with EastIdahoNews.com that someone went through his son’s computer after he went missing and did Google searches, looked at files and messed with the gaming system. The same person, or someone else, went through Daniel’s room looking for items his bedroom and closet.

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The worried father presented at CrimeCon last month in Orlando in an effort to raise awareness about his missing son. He told EastIdahoNews.com it is completely out of character for Daniel to vanish without a trace. He always has communicated with family members about his travel plans and was looking forward to being with them just a few weeks later.

“He had no signs of mental illness and for him not to keep in touch – that’s not Daniel,” Robinson says. “Every day it’s like starting over. The pain keeps going on and on and we don’t have answers or know what happened.”

A website has been created to bring Daniel home and a reward is being offered for information that leads to his whereabouts. You can learn more about the case here.

“He knows I’ll never give up on him. I’m here and I love him. His family loves him and I will not give up. We will keep on trying to find him,” Robinson says.

Watch our full interview with Robinson in the video player above.


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